booty shakin librarian


This morning I read all about the alternative to LJ’s list of 2009 Movers & Shakers, the Shovers & Makers at Baby Boomer Librarian. And then it seemed that several other library bloggers mentioned the list as well.

Every January when the Academy Award nominees are announced, a bitter taste enters my mouth. And I moan, “Why?” You remember the noise Nancy Kerrigan made after being slammed in the leg with a tire iron? It’s similar to that.

Why is acting the only profession so publicly recognized for their achievements? Thousands of librarians toil in the trenches, serving their populations, and never receive recognition for a job well done.

Shovers & Makers knows you’re a winner and leaves it up to you to toot your horn about it. It’s self-nominating. You write your acceptance speech, you provide the photo.

Here’s mine. For some reason the photo didn’t display. Drat.

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