poetic librarian


  1. Of or relating to poetry: poetic works.
  2. Having a quality or style characteristic of poetry: poetic diction.
  3. Suitable as a subject for poetry: a poetic romance.
  4. Of, relating to, or befitting a poet: poetic insight.
  5. Characterized by romantic imagery: “Turner’s vision of the rainbow . . . was poetic, and he knew it” (Lawrence Gowing).

n.The theory or practice of writing poetry; poetics.

[Latin poēticus, from Greek poiētikos, inventive, from poiein, to make.]

Whilst conceiving adjlibrarian I compiled a list of adjectives that would spur my content-making abilities on this blog. Silly me. There’s plenty of fodder in the news each day to keep me hopping! Without further ado and in celebration of National Poetry Month (my fb status updates are haikus for all of April):

deeply private art
poetry’s presence persists
made safe for readers

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