grateful librarian

It’s been years since I learned about gratitude journals. I don’t keep one. They’re too touchy-feeling for my personality and outlook, plus I can barely keep up with writing regular entries in Elsa’s baby book. But during my research into positive psychology, I learned that one of the keys to happiness is being grateful.

Keeping a gratitude journal “attracts positive vibrations, people, and circumstances,” according to Oprah’s website. We all need those positive vibrations, especially if we aren’t wearing a pantie vibrator that day. Yeah, I saw The Ugly Truth last week and that’s one scene that stuck in my mind. Speaking of, I’d love for Gerard Butler to walk into my library. Or Katherine Heigl, for that matter; they’re both eye candy I’d be grateful to feast upon.

The point is coming, I promise:

  • I’m grateful to be employed in an academic library
  • I’m grateful for tenure so that I don’t have to worry about the stability of my library position
  • I’m grateful for the autonomy & flexibility my library position offers me
  • I’m grateful to be in a profession that serves and assists the community at the greatest apex of their need
  • I’m grateful for the amazing librarians I’ve met during my professional–and paraprofessional–career
  • I’m grateful to be surrounded by books
  • I’m grateful that I don’t pay fines (on anything except ILLs that are late) on materials I borrow from the library in which I work
  • I’m grateful for the exterior window in the office that I call mine, in this library

Those may be pretty lame, but they’re little things. I can think of more, later. Or more, that I won’t share because they’re too personal.

Often, especially for me, focusing on the negatives about my job is too easy. I’ll spare you. But, I’m mostly grateful, in everyday life, for the number of butterflies I encounter while communing with nature. Yep, touchy-feely. Oovy-groovy. I’ll stop now before I become known as the butterfly librarian. Flit at you later.

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