random librarian

I’m a random person. A random librarian. I have so many interests. Some are fleeting, and others are long-lasting.

Randomness is a good fit with librarianship. It indicates a lively mind. It indicates broad interests. I’ve always thought that librarians have minds perfect for remembering minutia. Or at least, how to find it. Randomness can also indicate mental disabilities.

It’s always nice having my suspicions confirmed. Caterina Fake touted the value of randomness in an interview with Dan Schawbel.

Okay, not randomness exactly. Here’s what she said:

I really believe that things that seem unrelated, the juxtaposition of disparate ideas, are necessary for innovation, creativity and invention. So my blog may seems a jumble of unrelated posts, but there is a method to the madness. We should all become renaissance men and women as it allows for surprising new ways of thinking.

But the value in randomness, as Fake suggests, is that it is necessary for innovation, creativity, and invention.

The “traditional” librarian, who loves information, loves books, and loves reading can only benefit by pursuing those passions. The wider we trawl, the more treasures we net from the sea. Then it comes down to putting those disparate ideas together and creating something funky. Something useful. Something, a tool, perhaps an idea, that helps your library move forward during times of change.

I love how Melissa Bracke works the monday mashup experiment. She generates a random number and a random word, and writes a mashup.

Who knows where those may lead librarians and libraries?

2 thoughts on “random librarian

  1. Thanks for the nod! The mashups have been such fun so far… it is surprising what a kickstart a bit of randomness can give our innovation and creativity. I’m glad you’re enjoying my experiment with randomness!

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