energized librarian

No matter whether I remain a librarian until the day that I die, I shall always be a reader. Reading the old-fashioned way, in printed, published books, is my preference;  possibly because that’s the way I’m accustomed to reading, by holding a book in my hands. I open the cover and turn each page as I finish the last word at its bottom. I love the physicality of books. I cherish them.

I won’t get into arguments about the effects of books and reading on deforestation, because, surely the numbers are mind-boggling. And we could look into alternatives in papermaking, but I don’t have time for that today, either.

Mostly what I came to say today on Blog Action Day, is that reading traditional, printed books is energy efficient, especially in the daytime, by daylight. At night, well, you may have some arguments about that depending on which source one draws on for her light.

Throw out your television. We rarely turn on ours. Various reasons, really: There’s nothing worthwhile on (except the return of Project Runway), there’s too much to keep us busy, and I’d much rather couple my mind up to book and let my imagination run a muck. And so if you throw it away, you’ll do wonders for energy efficiency. And you’ll do wonders for your mind, as well, if you turn to books, rather than to your television for your evening leisure activities.

Once you’ve offed your television, don’t go into a remorseful fit and decide to go one better by purchasing the megalith flat screen tv you’ve eyed for months. Those are the enemy.

In fact, the California Energy Commission found that

flat screens account for up to 10 percent of household energy use

Flat screen television use contributes to global warming, a.k.a. “climate change.”

The planet benefits more from your energy conservation if you keep your old television, if you must. But imagine the amount of energy savings derived from turning on to a book, instead. Reveling in the smug satisfaction of knowing that you’ve done your part to slow climate change is the best bit of the deal.

Oh, and the added benefits of stimulating your mind in the meantime. Can’t forget that.

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