classy librarian

Too much going on in my personal corner of libraryland to comment upon regularly, but I have changed positions and am feeling my way around that. Will comment on it in a bit, no doubt.

In the meantime, wanted to toot my horn and point you toward an article LJ published that I wrote last month Close the online class divide. No comments. That merely meant that no LJ readers left comments about it on the LJ site. Oh well. Seems that class is the dirty word. Or something that easily is shoved under the rug.

Since my roots are proletariat, I always have my eye on the class implications of most things, including social networking. My article discusses research showing that the working class flock to myspace and the middle to upper class flock to facebook. And so I mused about what the implications might be for libraries who have only one presence or another. Best to hedge your bets and put your library out there, out everywhere, so that all your constituents can connect with you.

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