experiential librarian

In a nutshell, it seems that the difference between the kind of people who love books, want to own, collect, and touch them and the ones who only want to absorb their content comes down to experience. I gathered that from a Chronicle article that appeared days ago, “Book Owners and Book Readers” by Mark Bauerlein.

Bauerlein says that book readers only want the reading experience while book owners have an acquisitive nature, plus the social aspect of browsing bookstores, libraries, tag sales, etc. spurs their happiness.

I don’t think it’s that simple. Are people that binary? I thought, as a society, we progressed beyond long-established theoretical binaries such as readers are this or readers are that. Readers are hybrid, are they not?

One thought on “experiential librarian

  1. There is a spectrum, yes. I’ve also noticed a difference between the type of people who collect books and the kind of people who let their books travel and roam free, sometimes to never return.

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