sustainable librarian

In thinking about practices of sustainability at my library we’re good, bad, and sometimes ugly. For instance, let’s admit the ugly up front: our circa 1999 building is chilly year round. Thus, many of us run space heaters in our cubbies, offices, immediate work areas to keep the frostbite at bay. Terrible, I know, all that energy use when I should wear a snuggie instead. And we’re consummate recyclers, but I attribute  that to our acute state of fiscal distress. We rarely have new padded mailers for books or materials, so when ILLs are returned to lending libraries they’re popped & secured by yards of tape into distressed packages that have traveled across the region several times.

Thrift is always a sustainable idea.

But the “more is less” idea is applicable to fashion and accessories and library website, not providing more services with less money, which seems like the status quo. Thus, less is more is unsustainable when it comes to providing value in learning and literacy in regards to libraries their services, programs, collections, etc.

2 thoughts on “sustainable librarian

  1. A building that is chilly year round sounds like a medieval castle and not something built in 1999. There is a remedy for this. Worn out mailers are not appropriate – but maybe not so used ones might be had from other city/county departments if a coordinated effort is made. Libraries are in trouble these days with internet use replacing traditional sources of info – but we really do need to find ways to support the wonderful institution of libraries. Sounds like it is time for some serious brainstorming in the community.

  2. true about the medieval castle, we are an anachronism for sure. lots of retro-fitting if only the uni had money to throw at us. but their priorities are elsewhere. lots of brainstorming needed. would love to hear your ideas.

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